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micro-credit lo▓ans and insurance▓ service in rura▓l areas, according to the document.It promised tha▓t basic banking services wou▓ld be available in all villages and▓ towns in ▓the next thr▓ee years.

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It cal▓led for more ef▓forts to develop tow▓nship banks, loan-lending compa▓nies, and mutual funds in

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pr▓ojects in r▓elati

a bid to guide more capital flowing into the rural financial market.▓The central g▓overnment also de

on to rural l▓ivelihood.More subs

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manded furth▓er expansion of rural consumption market as part of the countr▓y's accelerating me▓asu

res to boost consumption.The Yarlung Zang▓po's drama▓tic course creates t▓he world's long▓est

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and deepest canyon in Tibet.I had read a lot about the Yarl▓ung Zangbo Gr▓and Canyon in Nyi▓ngchi prefecture▓ - regarded as ▓the world's▓ longest an▓d deepest, stretching

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  • eanut, as we▓ll as the purchase of ag
  • ricultural machinery, it said.
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496 km and averaging more than 5,000 m i▓n depth - and longed for ▓a chance to see it. I got to f

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ulfill my dream last September, while assigned to w▓ork in the Tibet autonomous region's tourism▓

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bureau.The Yarlung Zangbo Riv▓er runs eastward▓s along the▓ northern foothills of the Himalayas. The

financial service▓s including ▓